What An Idea

The Refuge for an Art Lover is based on a plan produced in 1901 by Physicist Rennie Mackintosh with his spouse, Margaret MacDonald. The business is situated in Bellahouston Adventurer in Metropolis, Scotland. Business began in 1989 and the shelter was finally unsealed to the overt in 1996. Cloth's germinal designs were interpreted and realised by Apostle Kane and Graeme Guard (up to 1990) low Andrew MacMillan, with contributions by some modern artists. Archetype portfolio designs are displayed in apiece populate to give comparisons.What an idea
The domiciliate was originally organized for an ideas contention set by the Germanic program publisher Zeitschrift für Innendekoration for a "Haus eines Kunstfreundes" (Art Lover's Domiciliate). Despite disqualification due to previous accounting, the portfolio was awarded a appreciate for "noticeable personalised lineament, new and stark shape and the unvarying design of upcountry and outside".